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BMW Feature of the Week!

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This weeks BMW feature of the Week is Parked Car Ventilation.

Parked Car Ventilation is standard as part of the climate system. Via the “Settings” menu / “Climate” sub-menu, the driver can preset two different start times for the system to engage. Once engaged, the system ventilates the interior of the vehicle for up to 30 minutes in a bid to lower the temperature inside the car.

Parked car ventilation runs air through the cars cabin to lower the interior temperature of the vehicle.

Parked Car Ventilation:

  1. My Vehicle
  2. Vehicle Settings
  3. Climate
  4. Activate Parked Car Ventilation
Parked Car Ventilation Departure Time
  1. My Vehicle
  2. Vehicle Settings
  3. Climate
  4. Activate Departure Time 1 or 2
  5. Set your  Departure Time
This comfort feature is just another way BMW is making your driving experience in the Ultimate Driving Machine unique. I hope you learned something new about your Ultimate Driving Machine! Please contact me with any questions you may have! Enjoy your BMW!

-Johnny Hernandez
BMW Genius
Sewell BMW of the Permian Basin


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