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BMW x7 Pre-Order

The 2019 BMW X7 will challenge your idea of what defines a premium SUV. The highly-anticipated BMW X7 is set to provide West Texas families with three rows of ultimate luxury and comfort when it arrives in Spring 2019.
BMW X7 Pre-Order Program FAQs:

How will the Pre-Order Process work?
The program is designed to work in 5 simple steps:
1. Customers fill out the X7 Pre-Order Form with their information and submit a $1,000 deposit via one of the payment options.
2. After submitting the X7 Pre-Order Form, the customer will receive a Confirmation ID. 
3. Upon accepting the deposit, the customer will be contacted to build and price the vehicle.
4. Sewell BMW and customer reach an agreement on the details of the sale.
5. After verification of the validity of the pre-order, BMW North America will provide a production slot to build the
customer's vehicle.

Can a customer cancel a Pre-order?
Customers must cancel the pre-order directly with Sewell BMW of the Permian Basin.  Upon cancellation, Sewell BMW of the Permian Basin will refund the $1,000 deposit.

How long will the Pre-order Program be available?
The X7 Pre-order Program is a first come, first served opportunity.

Who can order a vehicle through the Pre-Order Program?
The X7 Pre-order Program is available only to individuals residing in the United States who are 18 years of age or older. It is also available to businesses or corporate entities, provided that the customers can validate their ownership of, or employment by the relevant business or corporate entity upon BMW North America's request.